Saturday 4th February


Scientificity, Sustainability, Sensoriality, Security and Specialization


Umberto Borellini, Cosmetologist S.I.C.C. – The Italian Society of Chemistry and Cosmetologic Sciences

10.00 am – Opening of works

The 5 senses of Aesthetics

Umberto Borellini, Cosmetologist S.I.C.C. – The Italian Society of Chemistry and Cosmetologic Sciences

10.30 am

Perfume and beauty

Nadia Fraone, V.Director School of Aesthetic Medicine of Fatebenefratelli Hospital – Rome and General Secretary of SIME (The Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine)

11.15 am

The taste of beauty Beautyfood

Pucci Romano, Dermatologist, President Skineco

2.00 pm

The sound of beauty, Good Vibrations

Massimo Alibrandi, Surgeon specialised in Gynecology – Professor in Aesthetic Medicine at Roma Tre University, Tor Vergata, Rome

2.30 pm

The touch of beauty

Ugo Miraglia, Cardiologist, angiologist, ozone therapist

4.00 pm

Closing of works – Q&A

Umberto Borellini, Cosmetologist S.I.C.C. – The Italian Society of Chemistry and Cosmetologic Sciences

Sunday 5th February


Regenerate health and beauty. The social role of professional aesthetics in enhancing lifestyles in the prevention and maintenance of health.

A day together to discover the importance of professional aesthetics as sentinel of health. In a world so horizontal and interconnected, in a society showing growing respect for nature and the environment: here is where the healthcare world promotes its values of prevention and awareness, aiming to maintain the physiological balance of the human body. We will talk about the risks of poor-quality food and nutritional errors, of the Far-West in the world of beauty, of the importance of the harmony of the mind and of right emotions. Finally, on discussion will be the role of non-invasive methods and professional aesthetics in the prevention of evolutionary diseases such as lipolymphedema and lipoedema. Non-invasive and dermo-cosmetic methods, together with sufficient daily physical activity and quality nutrition forming an intelligent lifestyle scheme, are essential for skin balance, for psychophysical relaxation and for energy stimulation, because they are part of that epigenetics strategy that righteusly considers prevention in health as a social duty and a powerful weapon to slow down the evolution of chronic diseases and aging: in conclusion cell regeneration is seen as a tool to walk through life in beauty.


Pier Antonio Bacci, President, Academy of Phlebology and Aesthetic Pathologies

10.30 – 11.45 am

The AESTHETICS FAR-WEST in a changing world


What happens in the world of aesthetics? How to choose? How to defend yourself? Where does Beauty go? What the risks of false information? How important is prevention? Does gender beauty exist?



Emanuele Bartoletti, President SIME (The Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine)

Federica Lerro, Legal Consultant of the medical-aesthetic sector

Marco Marchetti, Professor of Food Chemistry UniCamillus Rome

Andrea Sermonti, Journalist

11.45 am – 1.00 pm



What is beauty? How risky is it if you don’t understand and don’t manage it? How to take advantage of your beauty? How to keep the beauty of mind? What relationship between sex and beauty? What are the benefits and risks of beauty?



Paola Pompei, Psychotherapist, Director of the La Fenice Institute, Arezzo (Italy)

Paolo Mezzana, Plastic Surgeon, Rome

2.00 – 3.00 pm

TOWARDS A NEW BODY: the new sceneries of the nutrition sciences


How important is conscious nutrition to maintain health and beauty? How has knowledge changed? What to eat and what to recommend? What the role of bowels? How to read the labels? How to choose among natural and or quality products? What is the role of each of us in health prevention?



Pier Luigi Rossi, Professor Nutrition risks Università di Siena, Italy

3.00 – 4.15 pm

EPIESTETICS: learn how to purify yourself to regenerate Beauty


What is Epigenetics? What is Regenerative Medicine? What is the role of Love? What the role of vibrations? Can we speak of a preventive and regenerative aesthetics?



Andrea Sbarbati, Full Professor University of Verona

Giorgio Terziani, Visiting Professor Saint George School, Brescia, Italy

4.15 – 5.15 pm



What is the relationship between swollen legs and adipose tissue? What are the new social pathologies of adipose tissue? What prevention is possible? How to spot the first signs to report them to the doctor? What to do in swollen legs? What to recommend? What is the doctor/beautician relationship? Is the beautician and the non-healthcare worker as a sentinel of health possible?



Bruno Amato, Vascular surgeon, University of Naples

Mario Marchetti, Pharmacist, Professor at La Sapienza University of Rome

5.15 pm

How to create the team to make your entrepreneurial dream come true



Monica Russo, Business & Career Coach

Monday 6th February

Beauty: technique and practice for the Beautician of the Third Millennium


Giovanni di Castri, Angiosurgeon

10.30 am – 1.00 pm



The Seminar proposes a critical review of the beautician profession in the light of the new resilient society. A pathophysiological study of the aesthetic damage and of the new therapies aimed at the achievement of a temporally prolonged standard soft is necessary. The new concept of professionalism necessarily introduces the creation of a comfort zone, so to accompany and promote aesthetic satisfaction, in line with the new biotechnological acquisitions. Beauty Marketing proves to be the decisive cornerstone for success, both in the e-commerce and social spheres.

*the programme could be subject to change

16.15 – 17.15


Che rapporto c’è fra gambe gonfie e tessuto adiposo? Quali sono le nuove patologie sociali del tessuto adiposo? Quale prevenzione è possibile? Come scoprire i primi segni per riferirli al medico? Cosa fare nelle gambe gonfie? Cosa consigliare? Quale è il rapporto medico/estetista? L’estetista e l’operatore non sanitario come sentinella della salute, è possibile?


Bruno Amato, Chirurgo vascolare Università di Napoli

Mario Marchetti, Farmacista

14.00 – 15.00

UN CORPO NUOVO: i nuovi scenari nella scienza dell’alimentazione

Quanto è importante la nutrizione consapevole per mantenere salute e bellezza? Come sono cambiate le conoscenze? Cosa mangiare e cosa consigliare? Qual è il ruolo dell’intestino? Come leggere le etichette? Come scegliere prodotti naturali o di qualità? Qual è il ruolo di ciascuno di noi nella prevenzione della salute?


Pier Luigi Rossi, Docente rischi alimentari Università di Siena