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Win in aesthetics... with RIE!

Coordinated by:
Umberto Borellini, Cosmetologist and Psicologist

The Italian cosmetics market turnover moves up at constant rate, scoring a consequent increase also in new business opportunities.
What marketing strategies and competencies are needed to fully exploit these opportunities?
At Roma International Estetica we will discuss this to provide our audience with tools and knowledge to enhance professionalism and support your managing the relationship with your clients. Gain your customer trust, combined with the ability to relate with them in full competence, these represent indeed those useful tools that will help you to build successful business, re-enforce your sales skills without fearing competition from large-scale retail trade.
Dr. Umberto Borellini selected a winning theme for 2024, specific and essential for your ...Winning in Aesthetics!


Care of: Umberto Borellini, Cosmetologist and Psicologist


10.45 - 11.30 AM “The k2 method to win in aesthetics: Kosmetic Kulture”. What keywords are needed relay you client the message that a professional piece of advice is worth a fortune.

Umberto Borellini, Cosmetologist and Psicologist

11.30 AM - 12.45 PM “Road to Aesthetics” understanding the cosmetic products, its functions and its passages through the epidermis.

Gisberto Caccia, Pharmaceutical Chemist 

12.45 - 1.30 PM The creation of an original cosmetic brand: look for business diversification

Ottaviano Salerno, Legal expert in cosmetic law

1.30 - 2.15 PM "Derma-logics" as the base thinking in beauty professions, among pathology and imperfections

Elisabetta Fulgione, Dermatololgist


2.45 - 3.30 PM Emerging energies: from touch to electromagnetic waves. When technology helps real beauty.

Amedeo Pieri, Aesthetic Physician

3.30 - 4.15 PM "Make up Business" Make up products as a resource, more than simple tools: gain competence and authoritativeness in presenting and selling them.

Alessandra Barlaam, Make-up Artist


Cosmetic tasting according to the Cosmeller method.
Umberto Borellini, Cosmetologist and Psicologist


*The program may be subject to change

Regenerative epiesthetics: to walk in beauty

Healthcare and professional aesthetics workers in the front row in the prevention and maintenance of health and beauty with respect towards people and the environment

Moderator: Pier Antonio Bacci
President of the Academy of Phlebology and Aesthetic Pathologies, Master Professor at the University of Siena

10:15 – OPENING with FEDERICA LERRO (Lawyer), Legal consultant, medi-aesthetic sector expert, Rome
Our society is the society of excess, we are all dominated by business. How to defend yourself?
How is the world of aesthetics and well-being changing? How should we handle VAT in aesthetics?

10.45 AM – 12.00 PM Epiesthetics: the energy that regenerates stem cells

Introduction by Pier Antonio Bacci:
What is life? How to pass on from youth to old age


Elisabetta Mormone, Researcher in Regenerative Medicine
What are stem cells and what role do they play in senescence, not necessarily linked to aging? Can we slow down old age with epigenetics, taking care of the health of our matrix? What is Epigenetics and Regenerative Medicine?


Introduced by Pier Antonio Bacci:
Do our stem cells repair or regenerate? What is the role of energy in regulating life?

Gianantonio Pozzato, Electronic bioengineer Telea Medica
Where is the energy in the cell? What does vibration and resonance mean? What are the capabilities of molecular quantum resonance? What the effects of too much heat on cells?


Introduced by Pier Antonio Bacci:
The secrets of the smile? Does smile have a regenerating effect?

Gilberto Triestino, Dental Surgeon, President of ANDI Rome
What is the role of Regenerative Medicine in Dental Medicine? How do women experience the beauty of their smile? Does the culture of dental health prevention and aesthetics still exist?



12.00 PM – 1.15 PM AESTHETIC MEDICINE: from many excesses to social medicine

Introduced by Pier Antonio Bacci:
Stam cells regenerate and fiberblasts repair, but how high is the cost of cosmetics?

Umberto Borellini, Specialist in Cosmetic Sciences and Technologies, Milan
What is good cosmetics? How important is dermatological prevention? How to defend yourself from false cosmetology?


Introduced by Pier Antonio Bacci:
A face is a work of art, cosmetics preserves and protects it, yet any beautiful picture requires a beautiful frame.

Viviana Ramassotto, Make Up Artist
What is Make Up? When it can be applied and what the necessary precautions? How do we cover defects and enhance qualities?


Introduced by Pier Antonio Bacci:
Observing a face carefully means looking beyond the skin, as beauty is built from the inside. The face is the first to show the signs of aging, of those cells asking to be regenerated in a world of excess.

Maurizio Ceccarelli, Direttore International Centre for Study and Research in Aesthetic and Physiological Medicine
The secrets of face rejuvenating through cell regeneration, in the wake of scientific research



2.15 – 3.15 PM UNESTHETIC-MIND: the psychobehavioral risks of beauty

Introduced by Pier Antonio Bacci: Does beauty ever make the pair with Health? Maybe not, yet we must agree upon the true concept of beauty.

Fulvio Tomaselli, Aesthetic Oncology, Rome
May Beauty exist even in illness? A woman is a woman ever, even in the most difficult moments, and much can be done for men too, though we need to adapt our thinking.


Introduced by Pier Antonio Bacci
Does beauty ever make the pair with Health? As we just said, a clear concept of beauty is to be reached, as also a kind of intimate beauty exists.

Paolo Mezzana, Environmental Medicine, Rome
A woman is ever a woman, but with her special intimacy that needs to be clear and respected. Environment and lifestyle are important to keep the mind intact, yet we need to feel beautiful under our skin.


Introduced by Pier Antonio Bacci:
Does beauty ever make the pair with Health? In the aesthetic pathologies of adipose tissue also lies a serious damage to the quality of relational life and to the acceptance of oneself

Paola Pompei, Psychotherapist, Director of the La Fenice Institute in Arezzo
How risky is beauty if not understood and managed correctly? What are the psychobehavioral disorders related to beauty? Can we really say that fat is beautiful? How is the excess of fat experienced psychologically, for example in lipoedema?


Introduce Pier Antonio Bacci:
Does beauty ever make the pair with Health? In the aesthetic pathologies of adipose tissue also lies a serious damage to the quality of relational life and to the acceptance of oneself

Paola Pompei, Psychotherapist, Director of the La Fenice Institute in Arezzo
Can one say fat is beautiful? How is excess adipose tissue experienced psychologically?



3.15 – 4.15 PM CELLULITIS and LIPEDEMA: a fight won by awareness

Introduced by Pier Antonio Bacci:
Cellulitis is a female psychodrama, but lipoedema is a serious evolutionary aesthetic pathology of adipose tissue, which unfortunately begins in young girls.

Marco Marchetti, Nutritionist biologist, contract professor, UniCamillus Rome
What is lipoedema? Is lipoedema written in our genes? Is there a better diet for lipoedema and cellulite? How can these be prevented?


Introduced by Pier Antonio Bacci: The research in the physiotherapy and medical fields began about 20 years ago. In recent years, a non-invasive technique that produces microvibrations, reducing pain and swollen legs, has proven effective.

Gianluca Cavalletti, CEO
How was compressive microvibration originated? How difficult is it today to protect brands and technological seriousness from fakes and copies?



4.15 – 5.10 PM The vibrations that purify and activate adipose tissue

Introduced by Pier Antonio Bacci:
We talk a lot about prevention today, about physiotherapy and lifestyles that are essential to prevent diseases and blemishes.

Francesca Mazzitti Silvi, Graduated in physiotherapy, from Pescara.
How do vibrations work in the human body and on adipose tissue? Why do joint pains, such as epicondylitis, also improve? So can we say that a thing such as aesthetic physiotherapy exists?


Introduced by Pier Antonio Bacci:
While physiotherapy helps to cure and prevent, professional aesthetics takes care about external appearance and relaxation

Giulia Giovacchini, Wellness Operator, Rome
Like doctors and healthcare workers, beauticians also have the privilege and ability to "touch the skin", creating sensations and emotions. How true is this statement? A professional life made of beauty treatments and relaxation treatments, what reflections introduces? Can we affirm that beauticians are the sentinels of health?


Introduced by Pier Antonio Bacci:
Some aesthetics treatments are highly appreciated by men also, i.e. feet relaxation.

Giulia Sgarbi, Qualified Beautician, Wellness Operator, Rome
Why do we judge foot treatment as the pinnacle of relaxation massage? What is the role of the beautician in the treatment of cellulitis?



5.10 PM – Closing of WORKS with Doctor GLORIANA ASSALTI, Pharmacist, Cosmetology and Oncological Dermopigmentation, Rome
The skin ages from the inside though the first signs show on the face. However, attentive care is required when choosing products, better choose personalized ones. In an expo dedicated to Beauty it is more than right to close the works with a thought to those fighting every day against important pathologies: feeling beautiful in your own skin is so very essential.

Pier Antonio Bacci,
President of the Academy of Phlebology and Aesthetic Pathologies, Master Professor at the University of Siena
Gerarda Rondinelli, Exhibition Manager Fiera Roma


*The program may be subject to change

10.00 – 11.30 AM SEMINARY:
Technology, customization, sustainability: themes and trends that are transforming professional aesthetics

For the second and third classes of Institutes and Schools of Professional Aesthetics
Coordinator: Giovanni di Castri, Angiologist

Physiopathological bases and therapeutic perspectives of blemishes
Anti-aging treatments and bio-sustainability

Giovanni di Castri, Angiologist

AI applications in aesthetics

Cinzia Pizzoli, Cardiologist


11.30 AM – 1.00 PM WORKSHOP:
How to communicate beauty

Care of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Italia

11.30 AM – 12.00 PM WORKSHOP:
Beauty personal branding

By Maurizio Delucchi, trainer, expert in marketing for aesthetics, specialized in personal branding
The tool for perceiving one's own value - The importance of building a community with a view to opening the beauty centre - Beauty personal branding - Hints of NLP


12.00 – 12.30 PM WORKSHOP:
Communication from offline to online

By Katia Anna Calabrò, Social media strategist and marketing consultant
The best communication and marketing strategy to communicate your business online


12.30 – 1.30 PM ROUND TABLE:
Professional Aesthetics: let's start again with schools and young people

Care of Luisa Beretta 
Professional aesthetics is a sector that requires specific skills, organizational flexibility, and the ability to evolve towards new treatments and cutting-edge technologies. Innovation introduces growth opportunities that change the organization and business model of beauty centers, it therefore becomes crucial for every beautician to continue to update and train. But what are the essential skills that may lead to emerging as a successful beautician in such an ever-changing landscape? From the choice of professional school, where the initial qualification is acquired, to the subsequent advanced training, which allows you to face the future with confidence and determination... the discussion will focus on these crucial issues.

We’ll discuss these matters with:
Umberto Borellini,Cosmetologist and Psychologist, Teacher at University Masters and Specialization Schools
Delia Di Ciocco, Specialized Professional Beautician, Owner of Beauty Centre and Teacher
Daniela Mariotti, President CNA Aesthetics Rome
Susi Maggi, Project Manager and Training Manager, LNE Academy
Gigliola Pantani, Director of Lykeion - Higher Education, Genoa 
Maurizio Ruggeri, Business consultant and Teacher at the Silvestrini Academy, Rome




Financial opportunities for companies operating in the beauty and wellness sector

Care of Andrea Di Lorenzo, CNA Credit Consultant