3 day education programme

Care of: Università Popolare Olistica APS Unipopoli

THE APS UNIPOPOLI HOLISTIC POPULAR UNIVERSITY "Reiki Training Center" is an ASI accredited training school in the Holistic and Oriental Arts sector, registered in the register of the Lazio Region as Social Promotion Association no. 2459 and belonging as a territorial headquarters to the CNUPI-Confederation National Italian Popular Universities.

The UNIPOPOLI Holistic Popular University mission is the training of operators, instructors and teachers in various holistic disciplines, aimed at researching and obtaining psycho-physical well-being in the person.

The University is credited for the management of welfare in companies and has been present in Lazio since 2014 with its training activity, also giving its students the opportunity of practice, participating in events and trade fairs in the sector, with remarkable success.
Furthermore, Unipopoli supports the experimental research project of "Reiki in healthcare" giving its professionals the opportunity to practice Reiki in hospitals, as a complement and integration to traditional Western medicine, working in close collaboration with the managers of healthcare facilities, or medical personnel. The above always achieved through careful research and serious data collection, verified by medical personnel so that official medicine may understand, and therefore recognize, the actual functionality of Reiki in this field, and the great professionalism of the Unipopoli operators, all rigorously recognized and accredited in the register of Reiki operators by ASI holistic sector.

The figure of the Technical Wellbeing Operator is being more and more recognized in Italy as professional qualified by professional and human training, to support those who need support in moments of evolution or facing critical situations of family, work or relational. These qualifications regulate the practice as Operators, Reiki Instructors or Teachers. (law 4 of 2013).

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*The program may be subject to change

10.30 - 11.00 am Opening Session “RIEolos”

Space dedicated to professionals: information for training
Care of: Università Popolare Olistica APS Unipopoli

Introduction and moderation:
Antonio Brancato and Mariella Turrà, Founders of Unipopoli, Well-being Partners of Fiera Roma


11.00 am - 1.00 pm The Origins of Italian Facial Reflexology DIEN CHAN ZONE®.

During the seminar we will talk about the origins of the technique and how the Academy managed to make it accessible to us Westerners through captivating slides and simplified massages. The DIEN CHAN ZONE® A.I.R.F.I. method it is the most recent reflexology of all that has obtained recognition from the Lombardy Region.
The technique uses projections on the face of organs, systems and functions of our organism.
Unlike other reflexology techniques, the projections here are multiple and overlapping, some for the osteo-muscular part, others for the internal systems and organs. Facial Reflexology is a vibrational therapy that allows working on oneself and others, with the scope to bring various disharmonies back into balance.
Everyone may can choose to take care of oneself, and take care of one’s own psycho-physical well-being: this is the beauty and great opportunity of the DIEN CHAN ZONE®.

Ombretta De Annuntiis, Asi registered Ayurveda teacher and senior teacher at the AIRFI Academy.

2.30 - 4.30 pm The Holistic Vision by Fabrizio Massoli

Two hours of training based on the developments of knowledge regarding holistic subjects. Here it will be explained how to include subjects such as aromatherapy, flower therapy, energy systems, microdoses, Reiki, reflexology and much more in your training, and therefore in your work. An original vision from the classic view narrated by Fabrizio Massoli, teacher of holistic subjects and synergies for over twenty years.

5.00 - 7.00 pm Flowers of Bach (basic module)

Care of: Unipopoli Università Popolare Olistica APS
Held by: Barbara Bassi
In collaboration with: President Antonio Brancato, Reikologist and Reiki, Bi Shin® Facial Vibrational Treatment teacher, ASI registered

The module is open to all, to learn property and use of the Flowers of Bach, which are today of daily use for our well-being.


*The program may be subject to change

10.30 am - 12.00 pm Emotional beauty

Care of: Università Popolare Olistica APS Unipopoli

Held by: Jesus Casla, internationally renowned hypnologist and researcher, founder of the Jesus Casla Popular University of Madrid, director of the bio-transgenerational decoding project, writer of "The emotional memory of uterine life", "Emotional imprints of childhood", "Emotional beauty" also a trainer registered ASI, famous throughout Europe.

12.30 - 2.30 pm Yoga for teachers

Care of: Scuola APS Sole a mezzanotte
Held by: Alessia Latini, ERYT 500 plus IvI4 teacher, Hatha Yoga Teacher since 2003 and Expert Trainer at the 'Sole a Mezzanotte' School

The module is open to school students and Yoga teacher who need to attend continuous and permanent training.
Yoga: practice for body and mind.
Theme: Concept of progression in asanas and sequence. Physical and emotional well-being during the position and sequence.

2.30 - 4.30 pm Chakra and foot reflexology, a spiritual and energetic journey

Foot Reflexology training for operators course.

Care of: Scuola “Il sole a mezzanotte”
Course teacher: Daniela Maj

5.00 - 6.30 pm Certificate delivery ceremony for all participants in the different modules

Ceremony for the awarding of certificates of attendance to the students of the different schools who have completed the various training courses


*The program may be subject to change

10.30 am - 12.30 pm The holistic sector and its professional registers, why enroll in a school affiliated with a training institution.

Care of: Unipoli APS
Conducted by:
Antonio Brancato, President of Unipopoli APS 
Mariella Turrà, Vice-President of Prai

The discussion will be about the importance of training within schools registered with training institutions releasing diplomas and certificates of attendance for the different holistic subjects, examining the ethical and deontological code of a Wellness Operator.

1.00 - 3.00 pm Facial and Oncologic Reflexology in Italy
Introduction to Italian Facial Reflexology. Where the technique originates.

During the seminar, the technique will be discussed with the aim of providing an understanding of how to independently manage and how to reduce the SIDE EFFECTS that this important disharmony brings with it. Either these are the result of treatments undertaken or the natural consequence of the disharmony itself. Everyone will be able to intervene on the feeling of nausea, joint pain, bone pain, head pain and everything that has a painful symptomatic manifestation. The seminar is aimed at those who are experiencing this difficult time or those who care for oncology recipients.

Ombretta De Annuntiis, Ayurveda Teacher, ASI registered and Senior Teacher AIRFI Academy (Italian Facial Reflexology School)

3.30 - 4.00 pm Closing of works

Final remarks